About Me

Hi, I’m Dinna. I help ambitious startups and emerging tech companies find and attract the best talent for their crucial sales and Go-To-Market roles.

After more than 25 years in the business I’ve seen it proven time and again: there’s much more to successful sales recruiting than just ‘spreading the net wide’ and seeing what swims in.

For me it’s an exciting mix of detective work, communication, collaboration and of course, relationship-building. I’m as inspired by this process now as I was more than two decades ago when I co-founded a company in Silicon Valley and helped build my first sales team.

Fast forward to today and I’m still fascinated by both the work I do and the people I work with. I’m a people person, and talent acquisition is a people business like no other…

How a candidate appears on paper or online and how they are in person can be two completely different things.

Like I often say: my clients don’t hire me to recruit a resumé! So it’s my job to dig beneath the surface to help my clients reach the point where they only have ‘can’t lose’ decisions to make when building their team.

I sometimes compare this process with that of a sports coach putting an all-star team together – we find the top candidates in various sales and GTM fields, then attract and recruit the very best players to fit a specific style.

Partnering with clients also lets me utilize my fine-tuned ‘soft skills’ – like listening, empathy and communication. I get to persuade, partner and problem-solve with my clients to recruit the right people for the right roles.

Why do I love this work?

I’ve always loved the energy salespeople have, I share their competitive spirit and bring those facets to my own work. And I get a buzz from closing deals too – it fuels me up for the next challenge when a team I helped assemble ‘plants a flag’ in a new territory!

I believe successful recruitment is both an art and a science, so I continually invest in my own development.

Recently, Transformational Leadership Training has helped me dig deeper into the different ways I can guide, advise and show up even better for my clients.

Over the years I’ve developed a keen understanding of the deal motions sales teams go through, and the territories they work in. And I’ve seen again and again how bringing the very best talent to their sales & GTM teams can impact my clients’ revenue.

Maybe I can help you generate that kind of impact?

Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss a talent acquisition project, or head here to learn more about how I work.

What clients say about me

Dinna is a phenomenal relationship-builder… I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

I liked Dinna the first time I spoke with her – she was very polished and professional, however we always had a lot of fun. I now consider her a friend and we had a great time collaborating together.

We collaborated on coming up with new ideas, and I appreciated her input as it allowed me often to step back and step away from the day to day recruiting responsibilities, as she became such a trusted advisor.

Dinna is a phenomenal relationship-builder, which is the key to success in recruiting, especially in a niche field where it’s about who you know and being able to leverage those relationships. Her contacts trust her and that’s huge.

She’s authentic in every sense… focused, reliable, honest and truthful – and a person of her word… She showed a level of professionalism you don’t always see from recruiters who don’t have the same type of DNA.

For Dinna it’s never just a quick-hit opportunity to make some cash, she cares deeply about the work, about the business, about the output, about making sure the right people are in the right roles at the right time… She’s awesome and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

Amy Guiel Director of Talent Acquisition, Carbon Black

She truly invests in the relationship… and she’s fun too!

Dinna’s greatest strength is communication… She takes the time to understand the company, and on an ongoing basis… She truly invests in the relationship so she can have a balanced communication with the candidates.

The reality is that, like a lot of industries, recruiters can be hit & miss… but there are some who take the time to build a relationship with the client. Dinna hit it off with my team straight away… And she’s fun too, she’s a hoot!

Denis Maynard CRO, Forward Networks

The best in communication I’ve worked with… a high level of energy, drive and commitment

Dinna had deep experience with high growth in cybersecurity & networking across the Americas, plus sizeable contacts and the network we needed… I would go to Dinna for niche experience in cybersecurity & networking markets.

We collaborated well. We built a collaborative partnership, were able to exchange opinions frankly, and Dinna was quick to understand what we were looking for in candidates. She challenged me around the abilities & needs for the roles.

She was the best in communication I’ve worked with in recruiting, with a high level of energy, drive and commitment.

She is adaptable, aware, self-sufficient and resourceful. She also has great contacts and knows who she can trust to get insights from. Often the best hires are made through referrals, and Dinna has a great network.

She also partnered incredibly well with my team, adapting her process to different team members’ styles.

Kane Lightowler (Former) SVP Sales, Carbon Black

She was great… there was a dedication there

When I worked with Dinna she was great. We would talk together about ‘what exactly am I looking for?’ and she would tailor her searches based around that conversation, so I knew that anybody that was coming had passed that bar we set…

There was a dedication there… she was able to source really good candidates, not wasting a lot of time… she would do the screening and only get me qualified people, not just throwing names on my calendar.

Trent Greenwood Senior Sales Engineering Leader, VMware CarbonBlack

Basically, Dinna closes candidates

Her network was strong, her experience ‘took all the noise out of the process’… Basically, Dinna closes candidates. That took a lot of the administration away and helped me keep focused, it helped get things over the line.

Cybersecurity is a small field where the top candidates are out there but can be hard to find, but Dinna brought them in.

I would recommend Dinna as someone to sit with, map out a plan, and seek counsel from.

Scott Adams Sr. Director Sales, VMware CarbonBlack