Forward Networks

Forward Networks: an award-winning network modeling security firm improving operations for major global clients

Networking industry innovators Forward Networks were looking to ramp up their Go To Market, and fast

The client

Dinna really cares. She’s passionate, she takes the time to learn and understand the business and gain more knowledge…

She wants to know how WE sell so she can represent us the same way our salespeople represent us to potential customers.

Denis Maynard CRO, Forward Networks

The unique challenge

When I began working with Denis at Forward Networks, they had recently secured their C-round of funding, and intended to invest that on their Go To Market.

At the time, Forward Networks were in a fairly unique position. Despite being in the networking industry where innovation occurs less frequently than other tech spaces, they were also in ‘category creation’ mode.

As Denis says: “We’d proven the product, sold it to multiple large enterprises, and this next hiring step required pace and velocity – but not all recruiters think in that model.

Before working with Dinna, we weren’t winning in our GTM strategy in the way we wanted to. We needed to fix that.”

My work as Recruitment Partner

Given the company’s GTM strategy – selling to large enterprise, Fortune 500 and government clients – I was able to bring plenty of experience to the table, along with my extensive network, having worked before with GTM for large, complex enterprises.

Denis adds: “Having worked together before, I knew Dinna had a unique skill-set relative to the profile of the talent required to sell category-creation networking.

She understands both the GTM process for companies like ours, as well as the sales process – and she also has great ‘BS filters’ for a candidate’s TRUE qualifications.

She asks the hard questions, so she can really understand the sales presentation and who to target. She does the pre-work so that when she goes to find candidates, she’s basically an extension of us.”

The outcome

As Denis says:

“Dinna identified the highest quality candidates with the highest degree of retention, with the fastest levels of productivity in a difficult, evangelistic market.

She not only found exceptional RSD talent but also outstanding TSA talent. This is hard, because the profile is difficult: it requires the ability to adapt, modify and customize beyond standard demonstrations. Despite that, Dinna was able to find – and retain – world-class TSAs.

Her placements helped bring in many important customers including one of the top two service providers in the US; a top-three mobile operator; the largest service provider for IoT; large government clients and even a Fortune 50 media & entertainment company.

Overall, Dinna identified high quality candidates for us. That minimizes the amount of churn within the business and gets us to revenue faster, because we have the right people in the right roles.”