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Dinna understand the business of recruiting in great depth!

Working with Dinna is easy. I now consider her a friend and we had a great time collaborating together. Not only is she a rock star recruiter Dinna cares deeply about the business, the output, and about making sure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

Amy Guiel Director of Talent Acquisition, Carbon Black

Dinna has the willingness to get that level of detail and understand the personality traits…

The reality is that, like a lot of industries, recruiters can be hit & miss… but there are some who take the time to build a relationship with the client. Dinna hit it off with my team straight away.

Denis Maynard CRO, Forward Networks

The best in communication I’ve worked with… a high level of energy, drive and commitment

Dinna had deep experience with high growth in cybersecurity & networking across the Americas, plus sizeable contacts and the network we needed… I would go to Dinna for niche experience in cybersecurity & networking markets.

We collaborated well. We built a collaborative partnership, were able to exchange opinions frankly, and Dinna was quick to understand what we were looking for in candidates. She challenged me around the abilities & needs for the roles.

She was the best in communication I’ve worked with in recruiting, with a high level of energy, drive and commitment.

She is adaptable, aware, self-sufficient and resourceful. She also has great contacts and knows who she can trust to get insights from. Often the best hires are made through referrals, and Dinna has a great network.

She also partnered incredibly well with my team, adapting her process to different team members’ styles.

Kane Lightowler (Former) SVP Sales, Carbon Black

Dinna knew what I was looking for she did not waste a lot of time …

She was able to source really good candidates and she would do the screening and only get me qualified people, not just throwing names on my calendar for me to screen.

Trent Greenwood Senior Sales Engineering Leader, VMware CarbonBlack